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“The truth of our essence lies beyond the illusion of our five senses….”


Maya Atsiz is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, Energy Practitioner, offers Shamanic Healing and is also a Soul Painter. She has conducted Bio Spiritual Matrix Repair, which has involved Chakra-Balancing, Axiatonal Alignment, Extractions, Ancestral Clearing as well as Soul Retrievals.

  • Initial Consultation

    Let's Get You Started

    An initial consultation is always required to get an overall understanding of the client’s needs. This consultation includes an energy audit, intuitive reading of their auric field and a quick balancing of their chakras. A treatment plan will be created for the highest good of the client.

  • Reiki

    Promoting Balance and Restoration

    Reiki is a Japanese healing modality, brought forth by Mikao Usui. This modality promotes the restoration of one’s optimal health and balances their field by clearing blockages and stagnant energy. The practitioner acts as a channel of universal energy and assists the recipient on their healing journey.

  • Chakra Balancing

    Clearing Your Energy Field of Debris

    Chakra healing is about balancing the recipient’s energy field by clearing blocked chakras and balancing them. Different modalities such as subtle aromatherapy and crystal grid work as well as vibrational tools such as tuning forks and singing bowls are used.

  • Distance Healing

    Sessions From the Comfort of Your Own Home

    Distance sessions are offered, which includes Reiki and Shamanic Healing, as well as readings necessary for a Soul Portrait if the client lives far away. Shamanic Journey readings can also be offered. Please reach out to the practitioner for further information. 

  • Shamanic Healing

    Shamanic Healing

    Shamanic Healing sessions are offered, which include Power Animal Retrievals, Extractions, Soul Retrievals, and Land Extraction and Blessings. For Power Animal and Soul Retrievals, if requested an additional Soul Package can be prepared for the client to keep as a sacred talisman. Please reach out to the practitioner for further information and prices. 
  • Soul Paintings

    Reflecting Your Soul Essence

    Soul Paintings are produced after one or two healing sessions. Maya will read the client’s energy field thereby revealing their soul’s lineage. The portrait of the client contains elements of the client’s soul lineage, which serves as a visual affirmation of their spiritual path. She completes the piece in layers, adding crystals that she feels called to, which augments the energetic potency of the painting. When finished the portrait is then energetically coded and sealed, becoming a meditative talisman which may serve to deepen their connection with their soul essence. Please contact the practitioner for prices.


My mission is to assist all those who wish to build a deeper connection with their Divine Soul essence. This process aligns them with higher frequency pathways which allow them to feel lighter and more vibrant, energetically.
My goal is to guide the recipient through the dissolution of blockages hindering their journey and assist them in removing lower vibrational habits and detrimental, patterned thinking. All of my treatments are a blend of different modalities, catering, as guided, to what best suits them in the moment. Every treatment starts with an energy audit and intuitive assessment. No treatment can be planned ahead — what emerges during our session cannot always be predicted. The treatments are meant to leave the client feeling empowered. Knowing that they have broken out of the three dimensional idea that health is related merely to one’s mental or physical being, they will understand that health is a holistic, quantum state whose origins transcend the body. Optimal suggestions may be made in regard to lifestyle changes that will aid in the overall healing and clearing process. It is important to state that none of these treatments are medical assessments that should replace any current medical care, but can support any existing regime, and beautifully so.


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